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Sturgeon Technology

Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake Sturgeon Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It inherits a thousand-year-old sturgeon food culture, high-quality breeding, scientific breeding, rigorous processing, and high-end standards add extraordinary honor Sense, always keep fresh to create a gourmet feast on the tip of the tongue.

'S caviar brand-Kaluga, takes top-quality sturgeon roe and retains its mellow fragrance after lightly salting. When the caviar collides with the particles in the mouth, the bursting taste provokes the tip of the tongue, which is unprecedented. You can enjoy the noble taste life at this moment. The series of sturgeon fish meat and fish by-products-Qiandao Xunlong, is a combination of modern technology and green low-carbon farming mode. It breeds fresh and tender fish with pure taste, and develops the precious sturgeon into an extraordinary delicacy.


The company adheres to the "quality-oriented" business philosophy, takes "casting a national brand and becoming a century-old store" as its business goal, and uses craftsmanship and trendy flavors to inject a unique luxury experience into the Chinese catering industry.

Sturgeon Technology opened a precedent for artificial breeding of domestic sturgeon and caviar industries, and at the same time established a new industry standard. The company adheres to the concept of sustainable development and is committed to harmonious development with nature. To this end, it has created an environmentally friendly cage ecosystem, which provides sturgeon with a growth environment close to the wild with sufficient water exchange and rich dissolved oxygen. At present, Sturgeon Technology invests about 200,000 sturgeon fry each year. With the scientific breeding system controlled from the source, the survival rate of each batch is as high as 99%, which is far ahead of the industry level.

High-end brandKaluga Queen

As a market breaker who has established a complete industrial chain, Sturgeon Technology also has a modern processing center of 5,000 square meters, inheriting the essence of traditional Russian and Iranian caviar craftsmanship, integrating contemporary processing technology, and being able to quickly complete 16 processes in 15 minutes at low temperature. The whole process is operated in accordance with the HACCP management system, in line with strict international health standards, and every link is kept improving.

Sturgeon's products are transported through the entire cold chain. Within 24 hours, Kaluga caviar will be delivered directly to diners around the world by flight, racing against time to lock in every gram of freshness.

The high-end brand Caluga under Sturgeon Technology has successfully entered 23 countries, occupying 35% of the international market and 80% of the domestic market respectively. It is the selected ingredients for 22 French and 5 Michelin three-star restaurants in New York, Lufthansa first class, The honor of American Airlines is also a high-level embellishment at the Oscar dinner, the Obama dinner at the Hangzhou G20 summit, and the Xi Pu meeting. Qiandao Xunlong has also reached an in-depth cooperation with the domestic hot pot restaurant star brand Haidilao, and will provide more diners with selected fish and meat dishes with unique flavors in the future.

Sturgeon Technology will continue to follow the ingenuity craftsmanship, select glorious products, create luxurious and delicious products with heart, and create a feast for contemporary upstarts.