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Sustainable FARMING

Breeding enviroment High-quality water

Thousand Island Lake, the world’s most beautiful water of 573 square kilometers, 1078 small islands, hence the name "Qiandao Lake" 90% of the forest coverage rate, without any pollution, the lake has a visibility of more than 7 meters and the rich dissolved oxygen provides the most for the sturgeon. A scientific breeding model with a growth environment close to the wild nature. The happy growth of sturgeon adopts a cage culture model that simulates the wild state of sturgeon. Adequate water exchange and abundant dissolved oxygen provide the sturgeon with a "happy growth" environment and scientific nature.


Rigorous processing technology

Adhering to the essence of Russian and Iranian caviar traditional manual craftsmanship, and integrating European modern processing technology, the processing flow is strictly operated in accordance with the HACCP management system, 15 minutes in a low temperature environment, and 16 processes such as egg retrieval, screening,

Quality Control

European Quality Control System

In order to ensure the high-end quality of each KALUGA QUEEN caviar, we begin to conduct modern information collection on the caviar from the breeding process. Each batch of sturgeon has an ID card and comprehensive file information to ensure the integrity of the quality traceability system. Here, you can see the course of its life: birthplace, growth environment, diet, physical examination records, etc.

The unique code on the export packaging jar of caviar can help you inquire about all the cultivation and processing information of this jar of caviar. Just log on to our website, enter the 9-digit alphanumeric combination on the bar code label on the bottom of the caviar product packaging jar of our company into the bar code query place, click to query, the variety, color, particle size, processing time, formula and even the name of the processing personnel, Can be presented


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