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KALUGA QUEEN caviar was born under the demand of such diners and driven by the market.
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the worlds largest caviar producer
Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake Sturgeon Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It inherits a thousand-year-old sturgeon food culture, high-quality breeding, scientific breeding, rigorous processing, and high-end standards add extraordinary honor Sense, always keep fresh to create a gourmet feast on the tip of the tongue.

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EAS and Kaluga Queen have developed a new and exclusive price matrix, strictly for airlines and the private jet caviar consumers. Already on board are Lufthansa, who consumer over 1.5 tonnes of caviar per year, and Cathay Pacific who are also serving Kaluga Queen caviar to its passengers.

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High-quality water

Thousand Island Lake, the world’s most beautiful water of 573 square kilometers...

Rigorous processing technology

Adhering to the essence of Russian and Iranian caviar traditional manual craftsmanship, and integrating European modern processing technology...

European Quality Control System

In order to ensure the high-end quality of each KALUGA QUEEN caviar, we begin to conduct modern information collection on the caviar from the breeding process...

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Best service with best Caviar
EAS have worked hard to maintain the same rates for Private jet caviar consumers as Airlines high volume rates.

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